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Thanks for visiing our site! We would like to announce the disolving of the Fellowship of Faith Christian Center and the retirement of Pastor Barry Primes. On October 30, 2016, Pastor Barry will deliver his final sermon as the Sr. Pastor of the Fellowship of Faith Christian Center. Pastor Barry plans to continue his education at Grace Bible College, and finish his final two years of employment before going into retirement from the Federal Government. Pastor Barry and Lady Phyllis are excited to be entering this new era in their lives. Over the past 8 years we have been blessed to encounter so many wonderful people. We are delighted that God placed us on your path and allowed us to be a blessing in some shape, form or fashion. We thank you for the privilege to serve you!
Please come out and make this ocassion a lasting memory! We would love to see you and say goodbye!


Our vision is to "Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Real People" ...

Embrace His Presence! Embrace the Fellowship! Embrace Worship!

Embrace Worship  - 10:15 am